Sunday, July 16, 2006

First Post!

Hello world!

Here's another attempt at making a blog for myself. I actually like this service and this template, so I guess I may stick to it. I can get emotional and so I guess this is a good place to vent and get some stupid stuff off of my chest.

Any way, I'm going to report on my successes and my failures in my various activities. Right now, I'm fighting the battle of the bulge, I'm raging against financial aid, trying to find full time job and going back to school.

My ultimate goal is to become a Veterinarian. Basically, I'm started over at community college and hopefully by this time next year, I should have transferred to a 4 year university. Even after a graduate from there and I'm not accepted into a school, I'll still be happy because I made it through school (finally!). Besides, I can always reapply.

Also, if I do get any readers. Do you like this template or one above?